I'm having Carplay / Android Auto Connection Issues!

Modified on Thu, 17 Aug 2023 at 03:58 PM

Ugh. Carplay and Android Auto are cross-platform ios emulators and their reliability is always shaky AT BEST. There are many protocols involved with making it work smoothly (bluetooth, wifi, god knows what else).  On top of that, these units enable carplay via a 3rd-party APP.  Thus, our ability to resolve or troubleshoot the issues are limited (just like if you have an issue with Spotify or Netflix on your phone - their app developers need to address it).

All that said - if there's any interruption in the protocols, or any update in either the app, or the emulation software (all of which update frequently), there's a chance that connectivity may be impacted.

1) You're not using your screen to the fullest potential by limiting it to Carplay/AA emulation. Its a fully functional Android 11 device with a badass processor and plenty of RAM, not to mention its own 4g and location services. Its meant to run the *full versions* of any app including video, streaming, gps, etc.  I can't say this enough.  Ditch Carplay/AA - it was invented to allow dumb low power-screens to be an extension of your phone.  You don't have a dumb low-power screen.
2) IF you insist on using Carplay, stick to your decision, and sever all the other connections you have to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible. Don't connect your phone to your car's bluetooth unnecessarily. Dont connect your screen's bluetooth to your car's bluetooth unnecessarily. Don't try to connect multiple devices to your phone's hotspot if you're running carplay. Don't try to use the screen as a hotspot if you're running carplay, etc.  Two customers recently fixed their Carplay connection issues by disabling print services on their phone.  Seriously.  All these connections just add complexity to an already overcomplex solution. Unpair everything except whats necessary to run Carplay/AA. Keep it simple.
3) See 1. You should take full advantage of what you paid for.

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